About SimplySendBD

Now you can send money home to Bangladesh from the comfort of your home, wherever you live.

With SimplySendBd, you don't have to be like this guy anymore.

In March 2012, Payza entered Bangladesh officially as the country’s first online payment provider. Payza, in collaboration with Dhaka-based Casada Technology and thanks to the implementation of Bangladesh Bank’s BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Financial Transfer Network), Payza was able to partner with Bank Asia, one of the country’s preeminent banks, to provide a fast, secure and economical method of receiving international payments transferred directly into any local bank account in Bangladesh.

This new service offering was launched just as Bangladesh became recognized on the global market as growing into a leading service exporting country in the IT sector, specifically bolstering the growth of the country's outsourcing market.

When Payza was launched to the Bangladesh community, the online payment platform vowed to provide Bangladeshis with the next generation of online payment innovation. November 2012, Payza launched the ground-breaking online remittance product, SimplySendBD, to the country.

Now, Bangladeshis enjoy the benefits of receiving cash remittances from family and friends living abroad, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Click. Send. Done.

$5 to send $500 or less to Bangladesh.

Anything more is just $10.

SimplySendBD requires a free Payza account

SimplySendBD requires a free Payza account